12 Annual

    Watermelon Festival

    Annual "Kamyshin Watermelon Festival" will be held again this year in Kamyshin. Bright and juicy holiday attract more than 30 thousand of guests each year.

    24 of August we invite you to participate 12-th annual festival!
    Interactive areas, "Watermelon Fair", crafts, gift & souvenirs in watermelon style, activities and competitions, "Grand Watermelon Parade", “Flying slices” contest, free tasting of “Watermelon Glutton”, sailing regatta and other fascinating things awaiting for you in Kamyshin in these festives days.

    Accordingly to old local legend, Emperor "Peter the Great" will start the opening ceremony as the main watermelon festival taster! Later in the city park you will see the exposition of watermelon scarecrows, amazing tricks of bike-trial masters, songs and dances program. You will be able to take a part in different flash mobs, master-classes, quests and other captivating activities!

    Additional festival areas will be open in the park Topolki next day. Concerts, free watermelon tasting, sport competitions, canoeing, sailing and striking contest "Flying Watermelon Slices", organized by internet-provider Apricot on the special temporary jetty with jump ramp.

    Welcome to Kamyshin Watermelon Festival!




    More than 60 ton of watermelon annually eaten up and given as a gifts in different competitions.

    Festivalival History

    Once, long time ago, at 1722, flotilia of Tzar "Peter the Great" were headed for Persian military campaign and on the way made a visit to Kamyshin (At that time called as Dmitrievsk). Governor proposed to Tzar Peter sweet and tasty local watermelon.

    Tsar Peter was very pleased by taste of the fruit, liked it so much and later he ordered to make a copper's copy of watermelon and place it on the top of the Town-hall spire.

    This legend became the foundation for the "Kamyshin Watermelon Festival" that had been held here for the first time at 2007.

    Do you know?


    Russian name for "watermelon" is “Arbuz” and considered that it was founded from the word “Harbuza”. Its definition in some Iran languages literally means “cucumber as big as donkey”.

    Watermelon Festival Program

    This year our annual "Watermelon Festival" will last two days – August, 24. Komsomolskaya Square and City Park “Topolki” will be main places on the first day, second day will start in the City Park «Topolki» where will be held contest “Flying Watermelon Slices”. Welcome everyone!

    A few words about benefits of eating the Watermelon


    Watermelon may be one of the most appropriately fruits. Watermelon consist ,on 98 percent,of water. Watermelon is a low-calorie, hydrating fruit that is a natural antioxidant food, plus a source of vitamins and minerals that can help fight inflammation, free radical damage and prevent a number of serious illnesses.

    How To Get To Kamyshin?

    Kamyshin is a city in Volgograd Oblast, Russia, located on the right bank of the Volgograd Reservoir of the Volga River, in the estuary of the Kamyshinka River.
    It is situated between two big cities - Volgograd and Saratov.
    You can get there by car, train or cruze-ships.
    If you are interesting in visit "Kamyshin Watermelon Festivalival" just let us know!


    Contact information:


    phone: +7 (84457) 5-00-76
    e-mail: info@arbuzfest.ru
    More information is available in the full version of the website.



    Watermelon Records


    The heaviest watermelon the world in weighs 159 kg and was grown by Chris Kent (USA) of Sevierville, Tennessee, USA, as it was verified by the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth on 4-th of October 2013.

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